UPDATE: Tennerton PSD proposal's status

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BUCKHANNON, W.Va. (WDTV) - The order proposing the expansion of the territory of Tennerton Public Service District is one step closer to being finalized or denied.

There was not one empty seat on Thursday, Jan. 9, in the Upshur County Courthouse at the proposal's public hearing.

If approved, the expansion could raise rates 25 percent for Tennerton PSD customers.

This is what most people expressed disappointment with at the hearing.

However Tennerton PSD manager Terry Gould says Tennerton is not "pushing this project."

"If the project needs to be done and you all cannot do it, then Tennerton will step in," says Gould.

"But Tennerton PSD has one project in front of this before we would even do anything."

One notable figure in attendance who urged the public to oppose the proposal was Buckhannon City Attorney Tom O'Neil, who has been a vocal critic of the proposal since October.

Another is Mayor David McCauley who was absent at tonight's hearing.

"What it would do is collar Buckhannon insofar of future growth," says McCauley.

"We've undertaken 14 projects in this territory over the past 25 years in the value upon millions and millions of dollars. So there is no showing of cause for Buckhannon to be denied the right to continue to develop its territory."

The Upshur County Commission approved an order on Thursday, Dec. 5 which proposed the complete restructuring of sewage territory.

The proposal calls for the Tennerton Public Service District to expand northwest of Route 33, engulfing Upshur county and Buckhannon.

The proposal would cost $5.6 million. Tennerton would acquire nearly 150 new properties west of Route 33.

There is no further date set to address the status of the proposal.