Upshur County Board of Education considering snow packets

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UPSHUR COUNTY, Wv. "It's a way to give kids instruction on a snow day so that they do not have to make up that day later on" says Superintendent for Upshur County Schools Roy Wager.

"I think the snow packet idea is a good idea if the kids don't lose their spring break. But, I think that it's going to be difficult for the parents if there's not good instructions on how to do things" says Upshur County resident Michelle Cutright.

Upshur County Schools have already had eight snow days so far this year, and, because they don't have any type of snow packets program in place, three of those days need to be made up.

"We had five days that were accrued time because we have an extra half hour built into every school schedule, that we were allowed to use as accrued time, but that was only for up to five days" explains Wager.

The Board of Education is looking into the possibility of implementing such a program, but Superintendent Wager has some concerns.

"How do you grade them? What do you do if a student doesn't complete the packets? And the implications for lost instruction" says Wager.

There are also some positives to having snow packets.

"The pros is, you're not missing out on some of the stuff that's necessary this time of year and you never know how many snow days you're going to have" says Principal of Buckhannon-Upshur High School Eddie Vincent.

One mother of 4 says that she tries to find things for her kids to do on snow days, so snow packets might not be a bad option.

"We have slowly been trying to think of things to do. They're working on spelling and things like that. We beg the teachers to send homework home on snow days" says Cutright.

Superintendent Wager says that a consensus must be reached, but even if Upshur County does implement the program, it will not take effect until next school year.