Upshur County Commission discusses updates on dog park, issues of animal control, and suggestions for safety

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UPSHUR COUNTY, (WDTV) - The Upshur County Commission had a packed agenda at today's meeting, and one topic of discussion were updates on the Buckhannon City Dog Park.

The park opened up last fall with an area for large dogs to run and a separate fenced in area for smaller dogs. Human and K-9 water fountains and an obstacle course is in the works for the future.

But the updates on the park were only part one of the Animal Care and Control Commission Boards agenda. Statements were released about issues of lack of compassion and care for animals from the Animal Control Unit. One statement read at the meeting was from a woman who claims she saw the animal care officer dragging a dog across the pavement, she says that the dog's mouth started bleeding from this incident. The commission says they will look into the situation.

"A pet's usually a child's first best friend, so now it has come around to where we need to realize the importance they play in our lives and we need to show them, and I'm going to say it, a little respect" says Animal Care and Control Board member Elissa Mills.

Another topic brought to the discussion was from a resident of Brushy fork road who shared his concerns for the need of a walk or bicycle path along the city's utility right of way to the event center. Reed says that this road is heavily traveled and his request comes as a safety concern.

"Well because of the safety for the people who are walking and riding bicycles and the speed limit on that road is 45, but I know that people go 55 or faster lots of times" says the Brushy Fork Road resident who brought the suggestion to the County Commission Joseph B. Reed.

Reed's request was not on today's agenda; therefore, the commission is taking this under consideration.