Upshur County Commission receives the remaining grant money for the Elkins Road PSD, Water System Improvement Project

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UPSHUR COUNTY, Wv. The remaining money for the Elkins Road Public Service District, Water System Improvement Project was given to the Upshur County Commission today.

The amount was for over $1.2 million, extending water service to 82 homes in Upshur County. The Water System Improvement Project is affecting homes in the area that use wells for water, because well water is limited and poor quality. These homes will now have access to city water that's better quality and much more reliable. This money comes from the Community Developmental Block Grant and it's also going towards updating some of the older water tanks, replacing waterlines, adding booster and emergency generator systems.

"Folks that are out in the country and further out in the county will have the ability to have city water" says Upshur County Commission President Sam Nolte.

The project is extending services to the Vegan/Gormley and Swamp Run/Fire Forks areas in Upshur County. Governor Jim Justice signed off on this $1.2 million, but the entire project totals in at $1.5 million. Although a lot of money has been put into improving the water system, one local man thinks it might not be enough.

"I think it's a good idea, but I still think they should put more into than the price it is, because there's people around here that live out in Buckhannon that probably don't have water source, so I think they should expand it further out" says Buckhannon resident Travis McCutchan.

Water service is being extended to the areas of Beech Run, Hawkins Road, Upper Childers Run, Wolfe Ridge, Fortney/Snyder Road, Jackson Road/Winery Road, Kedron Road/ Audra Road/ Braddock Lane, Radabaugh Ridge/ Hand Camp Road and Osborne Run Road.

In addition to expanding water services, the $1.5 million dollar grant is going towards upgrading two water tanks, the replacement of fourteen deteriorated waterlines, adding in two booster stations, and emergency generators at four booster stations.