Upshur County declares the opioid epidemic as a 'public nuisance'

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UPSHUR COUNTY, Wv. Today, at the Upshur County Commission meeting, the commission board approved an order that declares the opioid issue in the county as a "public nuisance."

5 news asked Commission President Nolte why the order is being called a "nuisance," he says, because it is. He added that the opioid epidemic has been a bother to all of the community. This approval gives Upshur County the ability to proceed with Fitzsimmons Law Firm, who can take legal action against anyone that's involved with the drug. Notle hopes that this order will help with crime rate too.

"Most of, if not all the counties have experienced an increase, a substantial increase in their jail bill, crime. Sometimes their crimes don't look like they're drug related, but there are drugs behind the reason why they committed the crimes" says Upshur County Commission President Sam Nolte.

This order is permitted under West Virginia code that eliminates hazards to public health and safety.