Victim records suspect's arrest in doggy door burglary case

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - On Wednesday, we told you the story about the bizarre break-in, where police say it appears the suspect got into a Morgantown home through the doggy door.

5 News sat down with the homeowners to hear the story through their eyes and ears. One of the victims said at one point Wednesday afternoon she was afraid to go in her own home by herself.

Bron Kayal said he thinks the suspect reached through the pet door and managed to unlock the main door.

"I saw his jacket and hat laying by our back door," said Lauren Kuhn.

Kuhn admits that she's typically a paranoid person but in this situation, there was no paranoia. When she truly thought someone had broken in, that's when Kayal got his gun.

"I did not expect to find the guy downstairs," Kayal said. "Of course I was just doing what we've done in the past. If you hear something, go downstairs and he was sitting in the mudroom."

As soon as Kayal found the suspect, he remained calm and said he tends to stay relaxed in stressful situations. His goal was to protect himself, his fiance, and their two kids.

"As soon as I saw him in the mudroom, I immediately raised my firearm and pointed it towards him," Kayal said. "I'm like don't move, don't make any movements, do not get up."

"I wake up with our daughter, she's only six months old, all the time through the night and last night, I just felt so uneasy," Kuhn said. "You should feel safe whenever you go home and it's just so hard whenever someone was in there."

Both Kayal and Kuhn were thankful for the help of first responders with the Morgantown Police Department and MECCA 911. Kayal says they got to his home in about two minutes.