Video gives more details on Nashville police shooting

(CBS) -- Victoria Hambrick, supported by her family and attorney, believes video showing the shooting of her son Daniel Hambrick on July 26th is proof that deadly force was not justified.

"The police officer chases him with his gun draw. He chases him and at some point, he slows down and executes him," Hambrick's attorney, Joy Kimbrough.

Police say Officer Delke was searching for a stolen car when he encountered Hambrick. The video appears to show Hambrick running from the officer before he was shot in the back and head. Police later tweeted a picture of a gun they say Hambrick was carrying and refused to drop. The Nashville Fraternal Order of Police argues Hambrick could have shot the officer at any moment.

"It is our firm belief that Officer Delke acted reasonably under the totality of the circumstances," said the order's president, James Smallwood.

Nashville mayor David Briley called for calm while the investigation continues.

"Getting to the bottom of this is very important. It's equally important that while we pass time waiting for the investigation to be complete that we be patient," he said.

But the Hambrick family believes this is an open and shut case.

"You can see my cousin running for his life. There's no way that he is a threat. No way. We do want justice served for him," a relative said.

Officer Delke has been placed on administrative leave. He was not wearing a body camera and his cruiser did not have a dashboard camera. We reached out Nashville Police for comment and have not heard back.