Viral moments coming from Pyeongchang

(CBS) -- From unique modes of transportation shown off by the Swiss to unique team uniforms courtesy of Norway, the Olympics have had their fair share of viral images. From messages to movie nods, a storybook moment, and even something to keep you warm.

The team from Finland brought back the knitting needles first seen in Sochi to wind down when others may be wound up.

"When I see Antti knitting I just laugh at him, so I'm not actually thinking about my run," said Snowboarder Rooper Tonteri.

"I don't mind being laughed at," Antii replied.

From laughter to cheer, the North Koreans get a nod for Olympic cheerleading. But it's one American-owned personal squad which stands above the rest: a red white and blue-clad trio belong to silver medal-winning luger Chris Mazdzer-girlfriend Mara along with sisters Sara and Kate.

"Luge is just a super crazy sport and fans have to be just as crazy," said Kate.

Their patriotic sports bras are an Olympic throwback of sorts, despite the sub-freezing temps on the luge course.

"Chris' sisters told me they did it in Vancouver and asked me if I wanted to do it here. I was like "Of course. Awesome," and then I'm disrobing at the games and I'm like you guys are nuts," said Mara.

"Taking off our jackets I was like this is a bad idea and then the adrenaline kicked in and I was like yeah I'm pumped," Sarah said.

Mazdzer himself made history as the first U.S. man to win an Olympic medal in luge. But as for his snapshot image of the games, he may have to share that with his patriotic crew.