Vulture problem extends into Weston

LEWIS COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) -- After a recent council meeting, officials are working to fix an issue that is flocking into certain parts of town.

The city council is working to eliminate the number of vultures in the area after officials say several properties have been damaged.

"Reports were flooding in to the city police department and Chief Josh Thomas contacted the USDA Wildlife Services," said Mayor of Weston Kim Harrison.

Like Buckhannon, people in Weston are now facing problems with roofs and other property damages caused by black vultures.

"First damage was reported last year and it was an entire roof," Harrison said. "This year, there have had additional damages to roofs, trampolines and car ports."

Mayor Harrison says that the cost of fixing a roof is between $10,000 to $25,000. With the amount of complaints the police department has received, the city is now working to find a solution.

"The option that they proposed was to bring in a decoy trap and hang effigies to further the trapping efforts," Harrison said.

Mayor Harrison says there are other options like sound and light pyrotechnics but says that could be ineffective. Harrison says that getting rid of the birds could take up to a year and comes with a big price tag.

"The USDA APHIS Wildlife service projects that their cost could range as much as $5600 for elimination in a socially acceptable manner," Harrison said.

Mayor Harrison advises the public to be vigilant. She suggests residents should try to keep the vultures away from their homes.

"Keeping a good eye on their pets, making sure to remove any dead animals or livestock," Harrison said.