WV Fights Back: Frequently asked questions

HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - The opioid crisis isn't getting any better and one community member is calling for more ways to help people.

Some of the common questions have to do with where people can go for help, or where they can get inexpensive help to fight an addiction problem.

Lou Ortenzio from the Clarksburg Mission told us he knows people wonder where they can go for help. There are people out there determined to take the next steps toward getting clean, but it's not an easy process.

"No one seeks to develop addiction issues," Ortenzio said. "You have trouble taking life on life's terms and for one reason or another you get into the path of chemical addiction disease."

Ortenzio said the help line is one beneficial option along with various different support groups or counselors who are able to offer a hand. How do you get in touch with those resources?

"You can go to a meeting, you can meet people who are in recovery, work in recovery, experienced recovery, and they might be able to help folks identify exactly where to go," Ortenzio said.

Nobody chooses to have an addiction problem, whether it comes from opioid or another drug. One of the things we need to do now, according to Ortenzio, is to change the stigma.

"Stigma is a big issue," he said. "We still, although we talk about addiction and for that matter mental health being a disease, sometimes we do still attach judgement to that."

If you don't have a lot of money or insurance, how can you make it happen? Ortenzio says it's possible and some of those answers can come from those resources such as the help line.

"Opioid withdrawal is a miserable thing to go through," he said. "You feel like you're going to die. You're not going to die but you feel like that. People are driven to all kinds of distraction because of that. There is help for detox, medical detox in order to get through the withdrawal and not suffer any consequences and not be too terribly uncomfortable."

The help line number is 844-HELP-4WV. To see other options for help, check out the web exclusive video above.