WVU Coach Bob Huggins helps surprise local teacher

MARION COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - "Surprised, very very surprised,"

Lucinda Gouzd, better known in her classroom as Ms. Gouzd, will be starting the school year with all her classroom needs met, thanks to Walmart's plan to fully fund every West Virginia teacher's classroom requests through DonorsChoose.org, an eduation crowdfunding platform.

Gouzd says having her projects fully funded fufills a wish she's had since learning to become a teacher herself in college.

"When you go through college you're often asked to write or draw your dream classroom, what would it sound like what would it look like?" said Gouzd "But then you graduate to find that there's no funding for your dream classroom,"

Gouzd's projects focused on several specific needs in her classrooms.

"I did focus on some special needs students, so I'm thrilled to have some assistance with that," Gouzd said "I focused on learning centers and ways that I can help keep students engaged and make learning fun,"

Another project Gouzd wanted to work on was encouraging learning through technology like i-Pads.

"i-pads are wonderful, the students love using them, they learn and they are adaptive," said Gouzd "So if a child is making a lot of mistakes it doesn't need to wait for me to adjust their learning,"

Thanks to this special surprise, Gouzd and her students have brand new supplies and tools to help make her projects possible.

As an extra surprise, Walmart partnered with WVU men's basketball head coach Bob Huggins, who says getting to be in the classroom and giving back is truly special.

"We do a lot of things in the schools with our guys, but being able to help furnish some much needed supplies for classrooms in the state is terrific," Huggins said

Beyond today, Ms. Gouzd says she's excited for the chance to start the school year with no worries about funding.

"To know you have to full year for them to learn and grow with it, it's unbelievable,"