WVU President Gee delivered State of the University

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. (WDTV) -- West Virginia University President Gordon Gee delivered the State of the University on Feb. 27. In his hour-long speech, he talked to dozens of spectators on the achievements of the institution the past 150 years, as well what he proposes for the future.

He started with the fact that higher education is decreasing in the country but the cost of an education is going up, yet he still remains committed to progressing and having students lead the way.

He says there are three important pillars that will help WVU strive, which include education, healthcare, and prosperity. He wants innovative forms of learning in the classroom.

Gee also says that the campus is not only Morgantown, instead of the whole state.

Another important topic he touched during the state of the university was the current situation with Greek life that has made headlines recently. He said he does not want another tragedy to take place so he wants to straighten and oversight. He also wants alumni chapters to step up on support.

"We need to be responsible adults in the terms of taking care of our responsibilities so we put a pause on fraternities in order for them to able to think more carefully," said Gee.

Another big topic he discussed was the safety of students. There have been recent auto-pedestrian accidents. Gee said he's working with Morgantown officials to address this issue. Students also say it's important that get proper education and understand safety.

"Behind me, they stop for students all the time to let them cross the street to get to their class. That's helpful," said student Adam Watkeys.

"I feel like that's not too bad of an issue that we have but some people just don't pay attention," said student Papayaw Achempang.

President Gee also said WVU is diverse but wants to find a way for students to be more inclusive.