WVU business students tackling statewide issues

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- WVU supply chain students, in the John Chambers Business and Economics school, partnered with Grow Ohio Valley to tackle the state's problem with access to healthy and affordable food.

In this partnership, they're working on a project aimed at reducing food deserts.

These are areas where people live far away from supermarkets and other reliable food sources.

44 students, who are in the course, are helping Grow Ohio Valley get healthy and affordable food for those in need.

Six groups worked on presentations including a 3-D model of a marketplace floor plan to aid in product placement.

Another project they worked on is a produce-cooling prototype that'll increase shelf life of fresh products.

Student leaders say it's an opportunity to work hands on and impact the state's food insecurity.

"Being hands on and working in a project with people is something that simulates what we're going to be doing on a daily basis in the workplace. It doesn't only simulate it. It has a true impact and it's going to help the state in a beneficial way," said Rena Kobelak, one of the project leaders.

Statistics show that over 260,000 West Virginians, including over 75,000 children, are food insecure.