WVU expert working on model to limit impacts of flooding

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - A West Virginia University expert is working on ways to try and limit some of the dangerous impacts of flooding.

While that type of severe weather can't always be avoided, he developed a model that would look at rainfall to get a better understanding of the type of flooding that could hit a certain area.

Much of the water from the floods in the southern part of our state, as well as the recent ones in Marion, Wetzel, and Harrison counties came from rainfall.

"It factors in all this information and then takes rainfall as an input to predict how much flooding would occur in different places," said Omar Abdul-Aziz. "So when it's raining, you can forecast way ahead."

Abdul-Aziz has been trying to do his part for several years. He's worked to develop a model, that could help limit some of the impacts.

"It can help design the master plan for a city, big region, for a big county, to alleviate that flooding," he said.

Looking at the Mountain State, and even more in-depth in the greater Morgantown and Monongalia County area, the idea of this is to examine the rainfall. Abdul-Aziz mentioned what changes need to be made in society, or even infrastructure, in order to limit the impact right in our backyard.

"This model will take that kind of information that happened in the past and then help us design canals, or drains, that will keep us dry," he said.