WVU implements clear bag policy

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MONONGALIA COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - West Virginia University will be implementing a new security policy for their future sports events.

The university will be adopting a policy set by the NFL which requires any bags brought into the event to be clear, and to follow a size restriction. Clutch bags will be allowed inside of the venues. Purses, diaper bags, coolers and backpacks will now be banned.

The university says the purpose for the policy is to provide a safer environment for the fans. The school will be selling clear bags, and season ticket holders will get one for free. 5 News spoke to some of you to see how you felt about the new change.

"It's a bad idea because it's kind of annoying that you got to get a clear bag for every game. I feel like that it should just be a bag policy where you can have a regular bag and get it checked," said James Mandel.

"I don't think it does much more than them checking the inside of somebody's bag. They do that anyways. I don't really see how it'll make things much safer," said Maxim Yanovich.

The new change will take place starting on August 24.