WVU opens new school year

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV ) - The first day of classes at West Virginia University was a mix of everything.

Not only were there smiles, students reuniting, and selfies with President Gordon Gee, but there was heavy traffic. Some students said they got stuck on the PRT a few times.

For one freshman, he has adjusted quite well.

"It's going pretty good," said Eric Svadeba, a freshman at WVU. "It's a little interesting. The PRT broke down with me on it twice in one go around, so that was interesting. But it has been fun. Kind of weird having to trek across campus and all across these hills."

Another was able to cross "selfie with President Gee" off his WVU bucket list.

"That made my day," said John Parker, a freshman at WVU. "I saw him, and I had to run and get it with him. He was such a nice guy and I got to talk to him for a little bit."

There's still always talk about safety with Greek life. One of the things the student body president told us was there's a line that sometimes gets crossed. They're hoping to avoid issues this year.

"We've just set a different precedent for what's expected of the students and I think people have more of a mentality that this is their home and not just somewhere they happen to live for nine months out of the year," said Julie Merow, WVU's student body president. "I think the students feel a lot more welcome and at home here than they used to."

Then there's the man behind the bowtie. President E. Gordon Gee says there's just a special feeling about the first day of school.

"Last year it was a dream about some of the things we were doing, this year, dreams turned into a reality," said WVU President E. Gordon Gee. "Just to have a good family, fun, set of days is very important."