WVU ranked one of the safest campuses

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - University police departments across the country implement some of the latest technology in order to help keep students safe.

That's also the case at WVU, and it's part of the reason the university has been named one of the safest around the country.

WVU Police Chief Bob Roberts told us it's a surprise to see the ranking because it's not something they submitted data for.

Roberts says it's the campus community that helped them earn that ranking. Overall, he's pleased about the ranking. They utilize technology, such as university alerts, that help let the campus community know if there's some sort of issue.

"Sometimes you have crimes and they just happen," Roberts said. "For us, it's an education and prevention process. We try and keep people safe by teaching them. We do operation lockdowns, we do protect, which is a self-defense program."

We also heard a mix of opinions from several students. Some told us they don't feel there's any threat near campus buildings.

"I've been here like two years and I'm going into the third," said Osamah Behbehani. "I haven't really had any problems. The alerts aren't that much here."

Other students told us off camera that parts of campus on the outskirts are a different story.