WVU releases findings on payroll glitch that left over 11,000 without pay

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) -- West Virginia University has released their findings on what caused a payroll glitch that left thousands without pay on November 24.

The glitch occurred when payroll submissions were being processed by the state’s wvOASIS system.

The university stated “When individuals leave employment at the University and become employees of the WVU Research Corp., those individuals are no longer paid by the state. The information WVU submitted for the pay period reflected in the paychecks of Nov. 24 included employees who moved to the Research Corp. during the cycle. Since they were no longer WVU employees, the payroll submission left the employer designation blank in two spots.”

The university says that when the system first encountered this error it stopped processing the submission and notified WVU that the submission was processed, leaving around 11,500 accounts unprocessed.

The university admits that they did not take all measures to catch the error.

“The University checked to make sure that the wvOASIS system had not sent any error messages. It had not. However, the additional step to compare what was sent to the state with what had been processed was not taken. Instead, the University relied on the confirmation that the wvOASIS system had processed the submission without any errors and believed that everything had been processed, the university stated. “Additional reconciliation measures should have been taken.”

According to WVU, the wvOASIS error was not the only one that stopped pay from getting to employees.

“As it turned out, there were two issues affecting payroll on Nov. 24. The Automated Clearing House vendor used by some banks was having its own problems causing delays in direct deposits for a number of employers, including WVU. WVU was informed on Friday morning that the problem would be resolved (and it was) by mid-morning on Friday. Thus, for a short time, it appeared the issue affecting WVU payroll had been identified and was being resolved,” the university said.

The university says the payroll process used is new and that they are taking measures to stop the errors from happening again.