WVU set to increase tuition, decrease budget for salaries

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Tuition for both in and out of state students at West Virginia University will be increasing again this upcoming semester.

According to a press release from the university this is the lowest percent increase in the last two decades.

Per semester, in state undergrad students will see a $60 increase in tuition.

"I'm in state, so it is nice to have that discount," said freshman student Yohanna Berhanu "but it's still for in-state students and out of state students it's just increasing more costs and incurring more costs on students,"

Out of state students will see triple the increase at $180 per semester.

"I'm an out of state student so it's already very expensive for us," said sophomore student Mri Ghawar "And increasing that, it's just bad,"

While the university also says they plan on increasing financial aid availability, some students fear this won't help them directly.

"Being an international students we just don't get much of scholarships," Ghawar said "Because most scholarships are for American students, so I don't think it's a good idea,"

In addition to the tuition increase, the university Board of Governors also approved budget parameters for the upcoming fiscal year- as a result there will be a $14.8 million reduction is salary, benefits and supplies for the university.

Students believe investing in the teachers is part of what makes the university succeed.

"I feel like as educators they shouldn't decrease their salaries," Berhanu said "They're one of the most integral parts of this university, what's keeping it together,"

Students also worry this move will negatively impact the type of professors the university attracts and it's ability to retain current professors.

"If they lower their salaries I think they're actually lowering their standards," said Berhanu "And some teachers may walk away because of that,"

The final budget will be presented in June.