WVU unveils new stroke app

Specifically targeted at stroke victims, WVU has developed an app that will actually help you to analyze someone who could potentially be having a stroke based on 3 simple questions

West Virginia University unveils new app for stroke victims.

"Do we think its a stroke, if it is then how severe is it, and if its is severe where would be the best place for that patient", Associate professor (specialized in stroke care) Amelia Adcock said.

Based on the information pur into the app by the user, it will provide hositals in the area that can get the patient the timely care they need.

Adcock says WVU is very passionate about getting the public the help they need despite the obstacles

As for now, the app is mostly used by paramedics, but Adcock hopes the general public will also download the app in the future as its easy to use and available to anyone

She also hopes it will make the general public more aware of how to spot a stroke and how to quickly handle the situation

"Maybe its a way to that you would increase public awareness of stroke and how to treat it and why to take it seriously", Adcock said.

The app is still in its beginning phase, but even so it may just give you the ability to save someones life.