WVU's basketball success inspires high school team

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV)-- "We don't really have a pro team. The whole state just follows West Virginia basketball, West Virginia sports" says Senior basketball player for Bridgeport High School Adam Bentz.

It's game day for the 16-4 Mountaineers, but how does WVU's basketball success encourage local high schoolers to play?

"I think all our kids follow Coach Huggins and WVu and Coach Carey and the girls a lot since they've been doing so well. I know that correlates the interest in basketball" says the Head Coach for Bridgeport High School's basketball team Mike Robey.

"To me, it's just a challenge. It's not a sport that's been my best, but it's something that I enjoy playing with my teammates, getting them all involved and trying to do better" says Senior basketball player for Bridgeport High School Brayden Lesher.

Bridgeport High School's boy's basketball team says they watch the way WVU plays and they try to emulate some of those techniques.

"We would like to kind of compare our defense to them sometimes, sometimes it doesn't happen but other games we feel like our pressure on ball and turnovers that we force kind of compares to the way they play" says Lesher.

"Well, they get after it. Their main focus is defense and I think we try to put that into our gamer. We try to get after it, hustle" adds Bentz.

It's not all about the defense though, passion plays a big part too.

"To be honest, we try to emulate that passion that WVU plays with. WVU bases everything with Coach Huggins on defense and we try to do the same thing. We try to play with that type of intensity and that passion" says Coach Robey.

For some players, their next goal could be to play for the Mountaineers.

"Most of them, their dream is to move on to the next level and I'm sure it's a big thing to play for your home state school" says Coach Robey.