W.Va. gets its first 2nd Amendment sanctuary town

Published: Jan. 18, 2020 at 2:04 PM EST
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On Friday, January 17, Ft. Gay, West Virginia became the first town in the state to declare itself a sanctuary for the Second Amendment.

Mayor Joetta Hatfield said, “The members of the town council are proud to be the first municipality in West Virginia to adopt an ordinance that formally establishes Ft. Gay as a sanctuary against any attempt by legislators or members of Congress to infringe the Second Amendment rights of Ft. Gay’s citizens.”

Mayor Hatfield also said that the council was motivated by the recent fall of the Commonwealth of Virginia, of which West Virginia was once a part, into the hands of those now rushing to strip away the constitutional right to bear arms.

Earlier in the week West Virginia’s Putnam County became a sanctuary county for the Second Amendment when its county commission voted to pass the measure. Ft. Gay is located in Wayne County.

Allen Whitt, Republican candidate for the U. S. Senate attended the historic vote in Ft. Gay, which is located on the Kentucky border about 20 miles south of Huntington, West Virginia.

Whitt said, “Tonight was one of the many reasons I’m proud to be a West Virginian.”

The Ft. Gay council members made a bold statement tonight that will defend their citizen’s constitutional rights to legally own firearms. Being a sanctuary city will protect against efforts by liberal legislators pushing red flag gun laws.

“I’m running for the U.S. Senate because our current Senator Shelley Moore Capito says red flag gun laws make sense to her. Well they certainly shouldn’t make sense to anyone who has vowed to support the U.S. Constitution, but on May 12th, a vote for Allen Whitt for U.S. Senate will make sense for gun owners and hunters.”

Red flag laws strip gun owners from due process if someone calls and raises a “red flag” of concern about the owner. Their guns could be confiscated with no evidence of wrong-doing based on a fraudulent complaint.