Wasp spray used as substitute for meth, blamed for multiple overdose deaths in West Virginia

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GRAFTON, W.Va. (WDTV) -- A common item founds in homes across the country is now being blamed on overdose deaths in West Virginia.

Wasp spray | WDTV

Wasp spray was reportedly used in Boone County as an alternative to methamphetamine. It was recently blamed on three overdoses.

It comes as meth-related cases are filling up court dockets around the state. Local officials diverting resources to tackle the problem.

"We don't have an opioid problem in Taylor County. We have a meth problem." Prosecuting Attorney John Bord said.

Bord said 90% of his caseload currently involves a meth component.

When he heard about people using wasp spray as a substitute for meth, he was shocked.

"I couldn't believe that," Bord said. "It just amazes me - what people are trying to do."

It's not a new problem. Examples of people overdosing from "Wasping" can be found in other states in recent years.

But it's still a problem. Bord said people finding cheaper alternatives like wasp spray to meth isn't making fighting the problem any easier.

"The problem with meth is Narcan doesn't work," Bord said. "If you overdose on meth, there's nothing there. I don't know what we can do. We have a problem. I'm not sure what the answeres are."