West Virgina reacts to abortion restriction legislation across the nation

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Iowa, Louisiana, Utah, North Dakota.

These are the states who have recently passed legislation that puts restrictions on a person's access or ability to get an abortion.

And while there is no legislation in West Virginia yet, pro-life activist say they think this will lead to change in the state.

"I do think the legislation being passed around the country will have an impact here," says Mary Anne Buchanan, the program director for West Virginians for Life

However the dozens of people that gathered in Morgantown supporting pro-choice have hope that there are legislators that will continue fighting against abortion restrictions in this state.

"We know that our politicians are capable of it and we want to make sure we're protecting health care for everyone in our state and making sure abortion remains accessible, safe and legal in West Virginia," said Emily Womeldorfm, a field organizer for Planned Parenthood who helped organize the rally.

However there have already been legislative changes in the state impacting access to abortion, such as the passage of Amendment One, a constitutional amendment that removes the constitutional right to an abortion in West Virginia and restricts funding.

"Up until Amendment One passed we were one of seventeen states that could use Medicaid funding for abortion care," said Womeldorfm "But when that passed they took away the funding for that,"

And pro-life groups, such as West Virginians for Life, say they already have plans for new legislation regarding abortions.

"I would look for West Virginians for life to possibly do a born alive abortion survivors protector act in 2020,"

West Virginians for Life also say their membership is increasing since the buzz about legislation around the nation.

Those supporting pro-life at the rally shared their stories of how abortions has impacted their lives.

They're hoping their message educates people who may not be familiar with the topic.

"I think this rally's purpose is to up-lift those real people and those real stories who would be impacted by something like this, and have used abortion access to better their lives,"

We won't know until the new session begins whether or not West Virginia will put forward any bills proposing abortion restriction.