West Virginia Board of Education holds public forums across the state

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MONONGALIA COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - For the first time the West Virginia Board of Education is holding public forums to hear the concerns and opinions of those who are in the schools everyday.

President of the Board of Education spoke about the importance of the forum and introduced the other board members.

They are called the "Listening Tours" and there will be six of them across the state two in each congressional district.

There was one held Wednesday at the Monongalia Technical Education Center in Morgantown.

The forum was broken down into four topics: family engagement, standards & curriculum, college & career readiness, and education preparation, recruitment, & retention.

Participants were asked to go to the corresponding room to speak about which topic they wanted to.

Those who attended were able to pick two of these topics and there was a 30 minute discussion for each.

The Listening Tours were created because the board wants public input to shape policy.

One Participant said it’s a good way to feel heard, but they just hope there will be action taken not just listening.

The turn out was more than what was expected more chairs were needed to seat everyone who came to speak their mind.

There were also comment cards and surveys for those who wanted to give even more input.

The president of the board says in December they will come out with a recap and development of what was gained in the listening tours.