West Virginia home to deadliest drugged driving in the nation

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - Our state is used to being at the bottom of lists or rankings, but this time it's at the top. Unfortunately, it isn't for a good reason. The Mountain State has the deadliest drugged drivers.

According to alcoholic.org -- West Virginia has alarming stats when talking about driving while using drugs.

In their original study they looked at over 20 years worth of National Highway Traffic Safety data.

Our state has the deadliest drugged drivers with 2.33 fatal drug-related car wrecks per every 100,000 residents. We also rank sixth in the top 10 states for fatal drunk driving accidents and one in every four fatal drug-related accident involves marijuana.

We showed these numbers to a local police chief. We asked if this concerns him even more about the drug problems in our state.

"It does add to our concerns. It's a little more difficult when we stop someone for drugged driving because of the process you have to go through," said Cheif John Walker with the Bridgeport Police Department. "Unfortunately you see different crimes occurring because of our drug problems and this is one of them."

And we also talked to some of you. Most of you said this doesn't surprise you, but it definitely worries you.

"With all the drugs coming in from other states I'm not a bit surprised," said Mary Jane Carter of Harrison County. "I'm very concerned. It's my life and other people's lives out on the road because of these people on drugs. It's very bad."