West Virginia politicians making more than other states?

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - The numbers given in the article claim state representatives make upwards of $27,000 annually. The company analyzed data from 50 states in order to calculate how much each state paid politicians. the site considered three factors: cost of living, governor's wage and state representative wages. The data is from 2014, and does not include expenses. Democratic Minority Leader Tim Miley told us the salary of a legislature was around $20,000 annually and that an additional $150 is given during special sessions. He says the goal is to make public servants, including educators and those who give to the community compensated fairly. Republican Guy Ward also had similar commentary, stating that the men and women who serve are usually taking time away from their full-time professions and therefor actually losing income. But how do the people of the state see these numbers?
"How does West Virginia afford to pay politicians $27,000 a year for working two months out of the year when they can't even afford to pay more to teachers." said Carlie Crayton

Pennsylvania topped the list with the highest paid politicians.