West Virginia ranks 43rd in 'Best States to Live in' report

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Living in West Virginia has its perks, from the outdoor adventures to the low cost of living.

But the positives of living in West Virginia outweigh the positives, according to a new report.

The Mountain State was ranked 43rd in personal finance site WalletHub's 'Best States to Live in' report released Tuesday.

It measured 51 metrics across five dimensions to compile the rankings.

Among those, West Virginia ranked:
2nd in affordability
31st in safety
41st in economy
47th in education and health
50th in quality of life

Alabama was the only state with a better affordability ranking.

The quality of life ranking included metrics such as access to public transportation, weather, quality of roads, and food and entertainment options.

Jack Murray just moved to Fairmont from Alabama, which ranked three spots below West Virginia at 46th overall. He's also lived in California.

"It's a pretty good attitude around here compared to other places I've been," Murray said. "I'm surprised we're closer to (the bottom) because it's so beautiful with all of the mountainous areas, the vistas and the waterfalls. There's a lot more here than in other states."

High school student Zoie Finchman said she plans to go to college in the state, but is looking for other opportunities after earning her degree.

"The drugs are really bad here," Finchman said. "There's nothing really to do for people my age."

She did say she enjoys the outdoors and beauty of the state.

"There's a lot you can do once you get to explore (West Virginia)," Finchman said.

Mark from Fairmont though said he loves everything about the state.

"West Virginia is the best because of the people, the food, the culture," he said. "We're just different out here. I've been to a lot of places for business. West Virginia is awesome, man."

Source: WalletHub