Westover man arrested after a homeowner came home and found him sitting inside.

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PRESTON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) - According to the criminal complaint officers responded to a call from a man who said when he got home there was a man he did not know sitting inside his house.

When officers arrived with a K-9 they went into the home where they saw Eric G. Blosser of Westover sitting inside. One officer ordered Blosser out of the house or he would be bit by the K-9.

According to the deputy, Blosser gave himself up and was placed into custody.

When questioned, Blosser said he had stayed in the house the night before as well and he didn’t know anyone lived there.

Officers searched the home and found used and unused needles. Blosser admitted to using cocaine after he went inside.

Blosser has been charged with Burglary