What do I do if I want to sell my home?

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - There are many steps to follow when looking into selling your home, but many don't realize how to do it effectively.

5 News spoke to Michelle Dodrill from KLM Properties in Bridgeport.

Dodrill has more than 10 years of experience and says there are five simple steps to follow when selling a home.

1. Find an experienced realtor.

"They're the ones that will come up with the price of your house. They're going to do a comparative market analysis to help you value your home. They're also going to be the ones doing all the paperwork for you," said Dodrill.

2. Listen to your realtor.

"She's going to go through your house and going to tell you what might need to be done for appraisal purposes or inspection purposes," she said.

3. Get your home ready inside.

"First impressions, you have one time to make it so make it a good one," she said.

Yes, that means cleaning it! It might seem like a drag but visuals are important to potential buyers.

"Clean your house, declutter your house, depersonalize your house because it's a safety thing," she said.

4. Curb appeal.

"You want when the people pull up to your house to have a really good first impression of the house when they see it, just want them to go inside and look more," she said.

5. List it.

"Then when you get all that work done, have the realtor come back out. She's going to take pictures, she's going to market your property. She's going to put her sign on her yard and then she's going to put it on the internet, do all your advertising," said Dodrill.