What do I do with it?: Unused gas in containers

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) -- As winter approaches, you may be making a list to prepare for the snow, but have you thought on what to do with leftover gas in containers that you won't use during that time?

"You want to keep those in well ventilated areas," said David Finch, associate at the Home Depot.

He says a good trick is to keep those containers full.

"I keep the fuel tank full that way it eliminates the condensation you get from having air in the fuel tank," he said. "Moisture can particularly water condensation that gets in the fuel system that is a big detriment to all engines."

While some say they don't put anything to their gas during those long cold months, others are known to drain it, something Finch doesn't recommend. Instead, he says to put an additive.

"It is difficult to drain those," he said. "Fill it up but add the fuel stabilizer to that one gallon or two gallon of gasoline prior to those filling those up."

This way can make a big difference.

"What that does is not only does it eliminate that moisture, condensation that you get and also the degradation of gasoline," he said.

It can also have a positive impact to your equipment.

"It can also improve the varnish and the gumming up of your valves and your fuel lines that are due to the ethanol," said Finch.

Even if you have to add a stabilizer into your winter preparedness budget, Finch says it's completely worth every penny.

"It's an added expense that maybe some people will never do but I think you will see a a degradation over a long period of time by not doing it," he said.