What to know about the Wuhan coronavirus: UHC's Dr. Povroznik breaks down the outbreak

Published: Jan. 24, 2020 at 4:29 PM EST
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The second case of the Wuhan Coronavirus has been identified in the U.S.

What may surprise people, however., is that this virus isn't new.

Dr.Mark Povroznik of the United Hospital Center says the Coronavirus itself has been around for a while but it's this specific strain that is causing new problems.

There are several strains of the corona virus, and like with the flu, new strains cause new problems.

The Wuhan strain in particular causes flu like symptoms that can be life threatening for people with already compromised immune systems.

Right now the CDC is trying to determine how easily this strain of the virus spread and how to stop it.

But Dr. Povroznik says there's no cause for panic right now.

"The overall risk we still feel is low in terms of the public health concern, but it is new," Povroznik said "And we still need to stay in touch with how will it evolve, how rapidly will it spread, and how will that human to human transmission continue or will it continue,"

Check out the video above for an in-depth discussion about coronavirus.

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