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BRIDGEPORT. W. Va. (WDTV) -- It's quite the tale of survival. A dog in Tennessee survived after being hit by a train.

According to reports, Buddy the dog was walking with two girls near the tracks. The family said Buddy was hit from behind when he tried to outrun the train. He laid down between the tracks as the train went over him. While Buddy did lose his tail in the incident and has some large gashes, he's expected to be OK.

A Florida police officer got up close and personal with a bear during a call recently.The deputy encountered the bear while responding to a call in the area. In the video, you'll notice the bear approaching the deputy's car and sniffing it out. No one was hurt; eventually the pair just went their separate ways.

One power couple reportedly grew by four feet this past week.

A source close to the couple told CNN Beyonce and Jay Z have welcomed their twins into the world. Her dad then shared the news in a tweet Sunday morning. There's no official confirmation on the birth from the couple, and no word on the gender or names. Beyonce announced her pregnancy back in February on social media.