When will the rain return? When will it go way? Why will it be falling? Find out!

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - High pressure moves east on Saturday and sun gives way to clouds. Warmer air moving in and colder air moving out will bring some light rain and drizzle on Sunday. Rain totals probably less than 0.10" in most spots.
This is in associated with a warm front (colder air retreating northeast and warmer air taking its place from the southwest).

Sunday night and early Monday will have the cold front and area of low pressure approaching. This will keep us dry most of Monday. With increased winds ahead of the storm, we're looking at a mild Monday afternoon with highs near 60.

The colder air moves through and this will bring rain at times late Monday. Likely around sunset and continuing into early Tuesday.

Colder Tuesday and rain will end in the morning. Flurries may develop later in the day in the cold air.