Wig bank gives cancer patients confidence

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- The wig bank at the Mon Health Medical Center is giving away wigs, scarves and hats to those who may be losing their hair because of cancer.

"There's no charge for anything and anyone who's going through cancer treatment can come here to get any of the items," said Tricia Julian, oncology coordinator at Mon Health.

It's all made possible by a grant and the American Cancer Society.
Tricia Julian says that the bank has served several women since March and the room stores over 100 wigs that are available to those who may need it.

Coming in here and being able to get these things free of charge and we help you get fitted with it," Julian said.

Julian says that it's important to provide these resources and wants people who are ill with cancer to feel better about themselves.

"The hair loss is the only outward sign usually that someone has cancer so that's a very private thing whether or not you want to let people in on that," Julian said.

Even though a grant was awarded to fund the wig bank, Julian says that donations are always accepted.

"We had the grant but we also have had multiple people contribute to this," Julian said. "We actually had a patient and her husband that were so pleased with the treatment that she got here and made a very large donation to the wig bank."

Anyone who wants to donate to the wig bank can contact Tricia Julian- (304)-285-2622.