Will spring break be affected by the strike?

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With all of these missed school days, students and parents may be wondering about the possibility of losing spring break altogether. 5 News reached out to local superintendents to see just how likely this could be.

There must be 180 days of instruction, but that doesn't necessarily mean no spring break.

Many of our local superintendents are in Charleston today trying to work out a deal that puts an end to the strike, but the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Preston County says that a decision for spring break is to be determined. He explains that the days missed because of the strike aren't the only days that need to be made up. All the winter weather is another part of this equation and with snow today, who knows if more snow days are possible for the future.

"Right now, we are seeking advisement from the Department of Ed as to what they, either within or outside of our calendar, would be permitted to use as makeup days. Once we get that feedback, we can make a determination on how we will impact our calendar" says Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Preston County Brad Martin.

Some high school students say that the snow affected their spring break, not the strike.

"Personally, for the end of the year, seniors aren't being affected so I would rather be in school right now, but I'd also rather our teachers get what they deserve, so if that does mean me losing a couple extra weeks of my summer for them to get what they deserve, I'd rather that happen" says senior student at Fairmont Senior High School Anna Runyan.

Assistant Superintendent of Preston County says that when a decision is made, the public will be the first to know.