Windy conditions cause damage and create hazards

W.Va (WDTV) -- Clarksburg Firefighter, Jeremiah Hastings recounts the hazards that went on today due to the windy conditions.

"It has been terrible, windy days like this you can be dealing with a lot of trees down, big trees down which causes car accidents, electrical outlets with power lines"

He says throughout the day it was a constant back and forth.

"15 to 20, we got about 15 to 20 calls. A lot of the times we'd go out, come back, go out come back. An officer had to stay out and drive from call to call and make sure the scene was safe, especially one with the electrical lines involved," says Hastings.

The same can be said for Mon Power crews, who didn't have time for an interview earlier today, as they said they had a backed up list of reported issues.

Nutter Fort Volunteer Fire Department also posted on their Facebook page about electrical lines, warning residents to stay alert because they have been dealing with multiple loose power lines all day

Hastings also says today's weather does not make any departments job any easier.

"When your out there with the wind like this, stuff blowing everywhere, leaves everywhere, doors flying can be intense."

However, Hastings said the outcome of today could have been a lot different.

"It could have been a lot worse, really it could have been, you never really know what to expect."

Clarksburg Fire Station says as the wind dies down, residents should still be cautious for blocked roads, stray branches, and loose items on the roadway.