Woman allegedly leads high-speed multi-county chase while drunk

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HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) -- A woman was charged with DUI and fleeing after leading police on a high speed chase through Harrison and Marion County.

According to the criminal complaint Alisa Gaye Browning, 57, was driving at a high rate of speed on I-79 swerving from lane to lane.

According to the deputy he turned on his lights to pull over Browning but she would not stop. Eventually she led the officer into Marion County when she stopped her vehicle.

As the officer approached the vehicle Browning took off again this time pulling into the Plaza of Middletown Mall. At that time a White Hall police officer pulled in front of the vehicle stopping her.

According to the criminal complaint the officer who had been pursuing her detained the driver and performed a field sobriety test on her.

The officer had her blow into a breathalyzer which gave a reading of .223. Officers searched the vehicle and found six empty beer bottle in the vehicle and three full bottles.