Woman walks across country

Published: Feb. 19, 2017 at 9:59 PM EST
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It was waking up from a dream that sparked an idea in the head of a young woman.

Amanda Standley, a Dallas, Texas native, woke up from that dream and started putting together a plan to walk across the country by way of the American Discovery Trail.

This trail stretches from Delaware to the Pacific Ocean and is over 5,000 miles in length. Standley expects it will take her about eight months to complete the journey.

She also has partnered with a Dallas organization called "Youth World." Their main goal is to try and help children and their families through economic burdens.

The journey for Standley began back on January 10th and she says her body has grown accustom to walking about 20 miles each day.

With all of the sights and sounds she has encountered, Standley says that people have made the biggest impact.

"I would just say the human connection that comes along with all these journeys.I feel like I'm building one of the largest families there is," said Standley.

Standley is currently walking through West Virginia and to keep up with her journey and donate to her cause, visit the Dancing With The Dirt Facebook page or her website

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