Woodlands Development Group revitalizes historic community buildings

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- Elkins officials announce this week they have approved over $10-million in building permits over 2019. These permits spanned across five homes and multiple major projects including the expansion of Davis Medical Center's campus.

Woodland Development Group has been around since the 1990's and are responsible for several of the community centers in our area.

"We know that Randolph County and the whole region is getting a lot older. So, we are finding a better way to provide housing and related services," said Dave Clark, executive director of the Woodland Development Group.

Hospital managers plan to construct eleven housing units to create a senior living community just a street away from the hospital. Staff teamed up with Woodlands Development Group to build these homes.

"We are a non-profit development corportation. We are based here in Elkins. We work in Barbour, Upshur and Tucker Counties," said Clark.

Staff work with local leaders in these counties to fund and build major community projects.

"We work with a lot of the smaller towns on community facilities like parks, trails, community centers," said Clark.

He says they have four projects in development. One of the largest projects they have underway is revitalizing the Golden Rule building in Belington.

"That will be an apartment, kind of community market, restaurant and train station down there," said Clark.

As for future projects, he says they acquired the historic Tygart Hotel.

"We will be working to develop that into a boutique hotel within the next year," said Clark.

He says they are still securing money for that project.