Work on the way to West Run and Van Voorhis Roads

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Dozens of residents near Van Voorhis and West Run Roads have questions about the conditions of their streets.

From unpaved portions to uneven surfaces and potholes, they want to know if crews are going to come out and fix the problem.

Melinda Smallman held a sign asking drivers to honk for better roads. She's one of several upset about the condition of the streets. So much that she has collected dozens of names and phone numbers, hoping someone will understand how bad she says the roads really are.

"We just need these roads fixed," said Smallman. "These roads are very terrible and they're tearing up all of our vehicles."

"I travel West Run every day when I go to work," said Janice Brown. "I have literally watched people's rotors fall off their car when they hit a bump."

They say the issue on Van Voorhis is uneven surfaces. There's a bridge on Riddle Avenue, with a hole right in the middle of the road. West Run Road -- the portion close to the new Easton Hill intersection -- residents say it needs more attention.

"It's becoming a pretty big concern for safety," said Brandon Green. "People dodging potholes coming into oncoming traffic, and it's just becoming a real nightmare and hassle for everything."

They're hoping issues with cars popping tired and other problems can soon be a thing of the past.

"The addition to Easton Hill, the roundabout on 705, the exit on 152, they've done a lot of good things," said Don Forga. "They're letting the centers fall apart in the middle of winter and it's destroying our cars."

Division of Highways officials say this project will be put out for contract next Tuesday.

The portion of West Run is from its intersection with Van Voorhis Road, to its intersection with Riddle Avenue. DOH officials say the project was made possible from the increased DMV fees a few months ago, and the state gas tax.