Working from home said to be effective after COVID-19

Published: Apr. 25, 2020 at 12:22 AM EDT
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Many businesses have worked to make adjustments during the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s one that hasn’t been easy, but according to the Chief of Transparency Officer of TransparentBusiness, Moe Vela, this adjustment would be beneficial to continue after the pandemic.

It's one that will take transitioning from both employees and employers, and Vela said there are tips everyone should follow in order for this to be successful in the future.

“First tip for employees, set a routine," Vela said. "Get up, shower, do your hair, put on your makeup, put on a presentable outfit and act like you're going to work because you are, and that is the second tip for employees," he said. "Establish a designated workplace in your home.”

As employees take this into consideration, Vela also said employers have to make adjustments. His tips are as follows:

- Business Culture is more than playing pool, ping pong or happy hours. It’s about setting a uniting and motivating tone and practices around shared values that must be sustainable regardless of onsite or remote.

- Business culture starts at the top---management must be the example and set the tone through their actions, policies and communication

- Use technology solutions and tools like videoconferencing, Slack, Google Hangout and others to promote cohesion, collaboration and connectivity

- If you can meet up, do! Plan all-inclusive and in-person workforce retreats and gatherings at least bi-yearly and more often if logistically and financially possible.

- Encourage more frequent and enhanced peer-to-peer communication, management communication with the workforce and virtual team-building events. Don’t be afraid to make some of them fun!

- Be public and transparent about your company's values and culture---by reinforcing it in your marketing, PR and external communications you are reinforcing it to your workforce

“Every study shows remote workforces are happier, more content, more productive less distracted, everything," he said.

The results of working remotely can have positive outcomes like, not having to commute will give employers two to three hours of their day back. It will also help companies save an average of $11,000, according to Vela.

However, for now Vela said we have to move past the obstacles this pandemic has brought before focusing on the future.

“Mangagers, be patient," he said. "Let your workforce know you trust them, that you value them, that you value their families, that you understand these are unique circumstances and you're prepared to be flexible and patient and understanding," Vela said.

"You will get from them more productivity, more loyalty, and they will trust you in return. In this case everyone wins.”