Working parents juggle responsibilities around early school dismissal

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BARRACKVILLE, W.Va. (WDTV)- Snow hasn't only disrupted those of you out there on the roads; it's also gotten right in the middle of some of your work days because a lot of schools dismissed early. For working parents across our area, this meant your day may have gotten a lot more hectic.

For Robert Heater, Barrackville Elementary and Middle School closing early meant his business closing early. He and his wife run a restaurant.

"I just had to close up and lock the doors down there at the restaurant and come here and get her, my little girl," he said.

But Heater isn't too worried about loss of business this Thursday. He's looking on the brighter side.

"Gets me out of the restaurant for a little bit," he laughs.

But not everyone is able to think that way. Drew Dehart sympathizes with his coworker whose minimum wage paycheck is hurt by early dismissals..

"More than likely he'll go pay a sitter. He always does. Pays them $10 an hour," Dehart said.

Thinks weren't simple for Andrea Rober either after she left her job as a nurse early. She had a lot of running around to do to pick up her kids.

"Not too much panic, but a little bit of panic," Rober said. "I actually got to get off a little bit early today, but he was supposed to be picked up at 1:00 and I have another son in Monongah Midde School that has to be picked up at 1:20 so it makes it a little rough."

For Leroy Brumage, his rushing around was done at his job.

"I had to make sure that I shut down a little earlier than normal, make sure I rushed out," he said. "I work at the post office so I had to make sure I got all my stuff done and was out the door to get here by 1:00 to pick up my daughter."

And for Rudy Hoffert leaving work early to bring his son home meant bringing his work home too.

"It's not too bad because my work's fairly lenient because I can also work from home a little bit," Hoffert said. "So that's what I'll probably do this evening to make up the difference."

Overall, the parents 5 News talked to in Marion County were happy to make sure their kids were safe.