Would bill control pet population?

TAYLOR COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Some folks seem to think a bill being discussed in the legislature would help control the pet population.

The bill would increase the pet food registration fee, and the money would go to the state's Spay Neuter Assistance Fund. However, some people we spoke with feel there might be other things that are more important right now.

Barbour County Delegate Danny Wagner is one of the sponsors of HB 2552. In a text message to 5 News, Wagner said:

"This bill if it becomes law would help us to control our pet overpopulation problem. This is a serious problem for all of our counties, so hopefully this will be a way to tackle this problem."

Brenda Gerkin with the Taylor County Animal Shelter told us there are too many strays out there, and she's in favor of the bill to help control the pet population not just in Taylor County, but in all of West Virginia.

"With that increase, we would be able to fund up to $900,000 a year for the state to split, the 55 counties to split for spay and neuter the animals that are in their facility," Gerkin said.

Frankie Dennison from the Harrison County Humane Society agrees. She told us she thinks many people out there might be hesitant to it because they feel it's a tax. However, she says this isn't the case.

"This would be able to help every county in West Virginia be able to spay and neuter their animals," Dennison said. "This in turn would help diminish the number that come through shelters each year."

This is a bi-partisan bill. Harrison County Delegate Richard Iaquinta said it's important to give a hand to humane societies.

"Whether the spay and neuter bill would even get to the floor, I'm not sure," Iaquinta said. "If it were to come to the floor, I would be in favor of it."

We also spoke with a number of you today, who told us you feel there are other things that need to be tackled first.

"I think with the dog food thing, there are other issues that are more important," said Brad Lemon from Lewis County. "There's things like health care and other things that need to be worked on."