Your Community Foundation helps restock local pantry with emergency grant

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MARION COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Giver's Hand community pantry is a small nonprofit run completely by Cross of Christ Community Church in Monongah.

While the church pantry originally established themselves to help feed local students, they soon realized the need was much larger.

"That's who we started to look over," said pastor Karl Streyle "And we found out that the need of the community went beyond that and the children,"

Over the past few months they have stretched their resources to feed an increasing number of hungry community members.

Thanks to YCF or the "Your Community Foundation", the pantry received a $2,500 emergency grant to help restock their shelves.

"The funding that we get from YCF it helps serve about 300 people a week," Streyle "So that funding helps provide food for 300 people a week so that about 1,200 people a month,"

YCF serves nonprofits across Harrison, Marion, Mon, Preston and Taylor counties.

While their most recent emergency grant of nearly $26,000 will be helpful in the next few months, the organization sees this effort as a long term project.

"As the summer months come on it's going to get more difficult," said YCF chairman Jim Griffin "There's people who are unemployed in out 5 county region that are going to have some great need, so we anticipate this is going to last throughout the summer,"

YCF's emergency impact fund will continue to rely on the generosity of the community to continue their work across the north central area.