'Your adrenaline peaks': HC Sheriff's deputies recount dramatic rescue

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - In a three part series dedicated to hometown heroes, 5 News' Mike Valente sat down with two Harrison County Sheriff's deputies, as they recalled a night they'll never forget.

It was the night of October 8, when Deputy Wesley Harkins and Deputy Kris Wariner, along with a third officer, responded to a welfare check call in Wallace.

"We felt that we had enough exigent circumstance to enter the home, announce our presence," Deputy Wariner recalled. "We cleared the home, didn't find anybody."

It wasn't until they got outside that everything changed.

"We're walking between vehicles toward the garage, when we heard an audible thump," Wariner said. "Basically, what we knew to be a crossbow thump."

In the body camera footage obtained by 5 News, the officers are seen running toward the garage, where they find a man on the ground, wailing in pain.

Due to privacy reasons, 5 News will not identify that man or reveal some of the circumstances surrounding that night.

But it was clear that the man had severely injured himself with a crossbow.

"When you hear that noise, your adrenaline peaks again," said Deputy Harkins. "And then you see all that blood.

The officers quickly jumped into action, applying quick clot and bandages to the wound above the man's heart.

Called to the outskirts of Harrison County, they knew time was not on their side.

Their quick thinking, however, saved the man's life.

The dramatic moments play out in the full story above.