Update: Community helps fix youth soccer field in Upshur County that was vandalized

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"I was blown away by the reaction," said Kevin Nicholson, president of the Upshur County Youth Soccer League.

Community members in Upshur County taking action. After a youth soccer league field was vandalized, last week.

"It's awesome to see the community rally around causes when there's a need," he said.

This field located near Brushy Fork Road holds practices for the Upshur County Youth Soccer League.

"We came out here the evening after it happened, and found all these ruts and they were anywhere for 6 to 8 inches deep," said Nicholson.

Tire marks spread throughout the field in circles, while chunks of dirt spread throughout the grass. Many of the young players of the league questioned why?

"They don't understand why would someone come in and tear up something that they're utilizing," he said.

But on Wednesday, the field had a face lift, thanks to the league's neighbors.

They shoveled out some of the debris from the ruts and they were able to add some top soil and seed mulch over it," said Nicholson.

"Once we hear about stuff like this, if we're able to help, that's something we like to do," said David Saintz, project manager for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The league, posted pictures on Facebook of some employees working on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline fixing the rubble on Saturday.

Saintz, along with other four employees, heard about the mess and got their hands dirty - to help those young athletes.

"You won't be able to tell anything happened over here," said Saintz.

Many also sending donations since it all happened.

sot - I think we got 5 or 6 donations, right around $500.


From corner to corner, the field located near Brushy Fork Road in Upshur County holds soccer practices for the UCYS-Upshur County Youth League.

Kids to teens practice their kicks hitting the goal just like the best players in the world. But part of the field they call their second home is now destroyed.

According to the league, they spent about 1,000 man hours and nearly $7,000 developing the property they rent from the county.

Tire marks spread throughout part of the field in circles making puddles. Chunks of dirt can also be seen spread throughout the grass.

The league's registar Heather Wright told 5 News through text that the damaged section was planned to be another practice field.

Kevin Nicholson, the league's president, posting a message on the league's Facebook page, that reads in part:

"We took a property that was unused and unmaintained and turned it into a place nearly 200 kids enjoy every weekend. We will not stop, we will not be deterred, we will double our efforts despite negative people in this world. "

"[Kevin Nicholson] explained to me and sent me pictures of what it happened with the vandalism so I contacted Sheriff Coffman," said Sam Nolte, Upshur County Commission President.

Nicholson told 5 News by phone that this happened between Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, leaving a whole community in shock.

"It hurts when you put a lot of time and effort into something, and someone comes out and vandalizes the property," said Nolte.

The damage, however,won't affect upcoming practices. The Upshur County Sheriff's Department, with help of the Buckhannon Police Department are investigating.

If you'd like to donate for the repairs, checks can be mailed to
PO Box 293
Buckhannon, WV 26201