Small businesses weigh in on digital wallets

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GRAFTON, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Most business owners in downtown Grafton told us they are not equipped to offer electronic payments from your cell phone, but there are a few stores who are embracing the technology.

Tom Hart is the co-owner of Arts and Treasures, along with Espresso Yourself in downtown Grafton.

"It has been at least a 50/50 card to cash transaction ratio. Sometimes it's an even higher percentage of cards and it reflects in both businesses," said Hart.

Hart said he still uses a traditional cash register at Arts and Treasures. However, at Espresso Yourself, he uses an iPad and a system called Square. He is able to accept transactions like Apple Pay, but most customers still prefer to carry credit cards.

"It seems it is slow to catch on with the Apple Pay and the Samsung Pay and all that. As far as swiping cards for credit or debit that seems to be the normal thing to do," said Hart.

Hart said the system has also saved him money as a business owner. Square charges him cheaper transaction fees compared to the traditional card processing.

Meanwhile down the block at Freda's Variety Store their policy is different with owners only accepting cash, but they said the policy works just fine.

"Our buyers come in and they didn't know that we were here. They don't have their wallets but then they come back. They shop the first time and they come back and buy the second time regardless," said Jason Billups.

While they might not use electronic payments, they do use social media to promote their business and it has attracted customers from all over.

"I've had people as far as Florida send their friends from Maryland over here to buy stuff they saw on our website," said Billups.

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