Marion County students react to U.S. Service Academies nominations

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MANNINGTON, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Rebecca Kocsis and Trey Toland are two out of 14 students who were recently nominated by Congressman David McKinley to attend U.S. Service Academies.

"My dad called me. He brought me out into the yard because he was working on the farm and he showed me that I got a nomination and it was really exciting and it meant a lot. For someone to think that highly of me and to nominate me to an academy something so prestigious means so much to me," said Kocsis.

"It's a great honor. It feels amazing to be able to give back to my country in this amazing way," said Toland.

Both Rebecca and Trey's desire to serve started at a young age.

"I knew that I wanted to do something in the military on the front lines and my parents told me that I had to go to college, so around 8th grade I started doing research on colleges and the military and I stumbled across the Naval Academy. By the time that I am a freshman there is a summer STEM program that the Navy puts on so I applied to it and got in and ever since I just feel in love with it," said Toland.

The application process wasn't easy.

"You have to write essays. You have to fill out little parts of an application. It's basically like a college application and you have to wait and then you have to interview," said Kocsis.

But they are hoping their hard work will pay off and lead to an acceptance.

"Hopefully I get into the Naval Academy and then I would like to be an officer in Marine infantry," said Toland.

"The Naval Academy is absolutely my top one and West Point is my second one, but I am willing to go wherever because I just want to give back to my country. I would like to be one of the firsts in my close family to serve," said Kocsis.

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