Lyons announces pay cuts & reductions to WVU athletics department

WVU athletic director Shane Lyons announced salary reductions and department cuts for WVU athletics on Friday.

Lyons, Neal Brown, Bob Huggins, Mike Carey & Randy Mazey will take a voluntary 10-percent pay cut beginning on July 1 for at least one year.

Coaches that get paid 100,000 dollars or more will have their salary reduced by 5-percent & 50,000+ employees will have theirs reduced by 5 percent.

Additionally, 65 employees will be furloughed for two months beginning on May 24. Additionally, current job openings will not be filled.

These pay cuts are expected to make up around $3 million dollars for the athletic department, which lost around $5 million due to the cancellation of NCAA tournaments, Big 12 tournaments & loss of revenue because of the cancelled spring seasons.